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Welcome to the MOST Boilermaker Delivery System

Thursday April 10, 2014

FYI: The Release Notes have been updated today.

Attention all Locals, Applicants & Contractors if you utilized the system from 3:45am CST – 11:00am CST on December 20, 2013 please be advised that you will need to now go back in to ensure your entries/changes were saved.  We had to restore the system and any changes to the system that occurred between 3:45am CST – 11:00am CST on December 20, 2013 could have been lost.

Dear Gentlemen and Brothers:

It has come to our attention that some lodges have members/applicants that are working steady for companies within their jurisdiction and have not been dispatched through the MBDS.

All members/applicants that are working under the Local or Area agreement must be logged into the system and placed on a work order and upon lay off, termination ect. it must also be through the MBDS

It is very important that these members be entered into the system and dispatched to a work order as working and laid off accordingly.

This will not include your members that are working under the NTD Articles of Agreement through direct hire for an NTD contractor. In cases where the local lodge does dispatch to an NTD jobsite, dispatches should be through the MBDS.

If you have any questions on this important matter please call Ed Jasinski or myself at the International Headquarter CSO office at (913) 371-2640. 

Sincerely and fraternally yours,
Kyle M. Evenson
Assistant Director - Administrative Affairs
of the International President
Executive Director - Construction Sector Operations

Currently working on:

We are currently on Task #613 which is the new OOW list, which we will call The District List, a list of all applicants in a district.

Wednesday January 2, 2012 MOST Boilermaker Delivery System goes live

MBDS provides Members with the ability to determine their preferred locals and check their qualifications, gives Contractors the ability to create work orders and add prospective travelers to each job, and allows Dispatchers to dispatch members to the appropriate work order, perform a member search, and add/remove Members from the Penalty List.